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The customer will simply download the use of BitTorrent software to any data format and large torrent file sharing easily and share with others without hosting. BitTorrent is used to exchange lĂȘersLAN Connection Protocol Peers (P2P) communication. BitTorrent is a way to share large amounts of data without the original size of the splitter, which is all the cost of hardware, hosting and bandwidth resources. Instead,When the data will be distributed protocol BitTorrent, orzhuvachikozhen data delivery to new recipients, reduce the cost and burden on a single source, reducing their redundancy against system problems, and reducing dependency on the original dealer. The use of the protocol responsible for considerable traffic on the Internet, but the exact number proved to be difficult to measure. There are many compatible BitTorrent clients in different programming languagesWritten and running on different computer platforms.


Dynamic bandwidth management zdatnistyumerezhevikanale.
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BitTorrent does not interfere with other Internet-connected applications.

Simultaneously download multiple files.
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Search for identical files to download for acceleration.

The ability to create and distribute your torrent files.

Details of media files provides sekuriteitKry a BitTorrent.

Minimum settings.

The multilingualUser interface.

Functions unlocked in this version of Pro:

To flow immediately

Automatic antivirus

Convert files for tablets, telephones TVS

Remote, secure access to files

Extremely fast delivery file

Free unlimited download


What’s New?

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BitTorrent Pro 7