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young law student who, while mourning for her dead mother, struggling to decide if he killed stepfather withdrawal. law students and all round good guy, Harper accused the foster program, Vincent was responsible for the car accident that sent her into a coma. drowninghuzuni his whiskey one night in a seedy bar, Harper interrupted and look great redneck named Johnny Ray, who has offered to “take care of” the father of the second daCool amount of US $ 20,000. Anger andThe purpose dendamdan response induced by alcohol, Harper agreed to the deal and use them mapumzikotangu evening downing shots and Johnny Ray.
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The next morning, Harper woke the mother of all drunk with a vague recollection of events the night before. In response to a knock on the door, he was surprised Johnny Ray and beautiful but distant friend, cherry, ready and waiting to go Vegaskuua Vincent. Harper says he was drunk and did not know any Johnny kakvotoy means more mengancamdari Ray early in the cold lightday. Harper quickly realized that there was no easy way; …

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